By now we have all heard about the benefits of magnesium … It is the most widely deficient mineral in all humans but is taking a magnesium supplement the most efficient and readily absorbed source available?

Did you know whilst magnesium powder is better absorbed than capsules, 90% of magnesium is lost in the gut? Also, magnesium can upset the digestive system when taken orally.

So what’s the answer …. Magnesium Oil applied topically.  This form of magnesium is absorbed 30 times quicker via the skin and is better utilised by the body this way.

If any of this resonates with you it could mean that your body is trying to tell you of your Magnesium deficiency.

1. Stress and Headaches
Muscle tension is often the cause of many headaches and when your magnesium levels are low in your muscles they will naturally tighten in areas of weakness and fatigue. For headaches, it’s mostly the back and sides of the neck and from the neck to the shoulders. RUB oil at the base of the skull and then sides of the neck followed by across the top of the shoulder when the headache begins and then when necessary.

2. Muscle Cramps
Muscle spasms especially in bed at night can be incredibly painful! Magnesium helps to relax your muscles, so when you’re running low on this mineral, you’re likely to find your muscles contracting involuntarily, causing you painful spasms! RUB oil into the affected area whenever required. Cramps will disappear immediately. Do you have Restless legs at night? Rub oil in 10 minutes before bed.

3. Anxiety
Feeling anxious? A deficiency in magnesium can have your central nervous system sending you early warning signs of increased anxiety. Increasing magnesium intake may help keep your adrenal hormones under control when anxiety kicks in. It will also assist in improving that feeling of always being tired!! RUB oil twice daily under arms, behind knees, and at wrist pulse points.

4. High Blood Pressure
Have you been eating well and exercising regularly yet still getting high blood pressure? It could be a lack of magnesium and electrolytes. Magnesium helps to dilate and relax your blood vessels so when you’re low on this critical mineral, your blood vessels tend to constrict more resulting in higher blood pressure. When your electrolyte levels are also unbalanced due to a lack of magnesium, this can create high blood pressure too! RUB oil twice daily under arms, behind knees, and at wrist pulse points.

5. Constipation
If your digestive system isn’t quite working as well, as usual, it may be because of magnesium. Your intestines tend to contract more when you’re low in magnesium making it harder for waste to pass through. Ensuring you have enough magnesium is important for your bowels for two key reasons. Firstly it relaxes them, and two, it pulls water into your bowels creating an osmotic effect that makes passing waste easier. RUB Magnesium over your lower abdomen when necessary.

6. Sleep Troubles
Did you know magnesium levels drop in your body at night? That means if you’re low in magnesium you may have trouble sleeping! So many of us have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep. A magnesium deficiency may be a contributing factor as it plays such a key role in the function of your central nervous system. RUB magnesium oil over the tops and soles of your feet 10 minutes before bed.

7. Irregular Heartbeat
If you have a magnesium deficiency, the muscles in your body can’t function optimally. Your heart is also a muscle! Without adequate magnesium it may struggle to contract properly with low levels of magnesium, leading to irregular heartbeats. RUB oil behind the back of knees, pulse points of wrists, and under arms ( these are the warm spots of the body).

These 3 things can affect your Magnesium levels:

– Food and drink high in salt, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol should be limited.
– Stress also plays a role, so try implementing relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga as much as possible.
– Your medication can cause magnesium loss with many high blood pressure medications and antibiotics contributing to your problems rather than helping! Benefits of Magnesium

How to Increase your Magnesium levels

Here are my favourite two (2) ways of boosting the benefits of my magnesium intake …

1. Relaxing in an Epsom salts bath (along with a few drops of Essential Oil)
2. Eating regularly the following foods (as they are all relatively high in Magnesium):-

Avocado / Leafy greens / Beans and lentils / Nuts and seeds / Quinoa and other unrefined grains / Dark chocolate (min 70% cocoa) / Seaweed / Salmon / Pumpkin seeds / Raisons

They DO NOT have the same effect as pure Magnesium oil which maintains all of its bio-nutritional value.

I’d love to hear about how you boost the benefits of magnesium in your daily routine and whether you would try Magnesium Oil.