Discover the secrets of living a healthy, abundant & joyful life

We all know the basics on how to live a healthy life – eat better, move more, get enough sleep and avoid things that will shorten our life span … But how many of us are actually doing it?

Doing the right thing can seem so overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated!! Life should be simple, so I have developed my “4 PILLAR” approach to living a healthy, more abundant & joyful life.

Read on to discover how this can work for you.


Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, fully aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

Every human being already possesses mindfulness, it’s not something that needs to be invented or conjured up, you just have to learn how to access it, how to become aware of your thoughts and feelings without distraction or judgment.

Mindfulness is more than just meditation or a practice you might perform once a day. Mindfulness is in everything that you do; it is what is going on both inside and outside of your mind & body – your thoughts, feelings, observations, sensations & behaviours. You could say that mindfulness is the way we should live!!


The body contributes far more to our lives than you can ever imagine … it is intimately involved in all of our thought processes, understanding, emotions and decision making. The mind and body are inseparable, from our endocrine system to the “brain in our gut”!! 

If the body is so crucial for us to live, why have we stopped “moving” it as it was designed to be moved? Being sedendary has become the new norm, exercising using machines has taken over from moving and getting anything we need or want is simply a click of a mouse away … no wonder our bodies are all falling apart!! What we need is to move more & move better.


Nourishment is the fuel we give our bodies to function optimally. This fuel can be anything that our bodies consume – food & beverages, lotions we apply to our skin & hair, aromas & fragrances we smell, clothes we wear, materials we use to wash & dry, and the information we see & hear!!

The fuel we consume will either work with or against us and the best analogy I can use is our bodies are like a motor vehicle; different only by shape, colour, power & performance. We all get cleaned, washed & serviced at different times using different materials or not at all. However, we all have the one commonality – we all MUST use super fuel to keep our engine running & us moving. Unfortunately, most of us refuse to put super fuel in because it’s too expensive or not convenient & will try any other fuel instead!! Pretty soon, our engine gets clogged, paint work is peeling, rust appears, the interior looks old & unkept and we struggle to start and sooner or later we just stop working completely. 


It is essential to fully understand just how much your home, work & transport environments impact your overall wellbeing. Because you spend so much of your time contained in these spaces, some experts honestly believe that these areas might be even more important to our health than food or movement!!

Whether it is the quality of the air we breath or water we drink, the materials used in our buildings & furniture, the electromagnetic forces our electronic devices emit, or the cleaning products we use, the toxins contained in your own “personal environment” significantly shape the state of your health … And when you add to the mix the toxins contained in your “community”, it doesn’t take too much convincing how our modern way of living has created the perfect environment for toxic overload to develop & affect our health in so many ways!!

About Leesa

Since 2001 Leesa has helped thousands of women live a more abundant & joyful life through a mixture of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Self Care, Retreats, Workshops & Education.

Her mission is to share her years worth of knowledge & experience with those women looking for a little guidance, nurturing and love.