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I explained it to family & friends as being a great half day urban retreat. It was so good for both my mind & body. I felt connected, re-energised and with a full & happy heart.

- Giselle -

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Want To Live A More Abundant & Joyful Life?

Simply master these “4 Pillars”


Mindfulness is being “completely aware” of what is going on both inside and outside of your mind & body from your thoughts, feelings, observations, sensations & behaviours.


Humans were never designed just to be idle!! Not using our muscles, sitting for hours a day or moving mindlessly is the curse of the modern world. Movement is what keeps us young, fit & healthy.


Nourishment is the fuel that allows us to LIVE!! It is anything we take in through our senses (our mouth, ears, eyes, nose, and sense of touch) and consume into our mind & souls.


Environment is the space, &/or conditions we reside & spend actual time in. A safe, clean, positive & nurturing environment to live, work & play is vital for good health & wellbeing.

It was amazing! Like pushing a reset button. It reminded me of the importance of my practice & looking after myself. It was “me-time” that I was putting off, and ignoring as I put everyone else’s needs first. I felt refreshed & energised, mentally & spiritually.

- Tamara -

How We Can Help


Retreat is defined as “a quiet or secluded space which one can rest & relax” … Taking a vaction or time off are great ways to remove yourself from the troubles of every day life, however you are probably still “on” 24/7. Going on a RETREAT on the otherhand takes resting, recharging & renewing to another level.

self care

Self Care

Self care is not being selfish … it’s an essential part of living a healthy life. By incorporating self care into your regular routine, you give your mind & body time to rest, reset, and rejuvenate. 
Self care is simply taking “care of yourself” … And when we take care of ourselves, we can then take care of others.


Yoga is more than a way to move, stretch or clear the mind … it is a philosophy that trickles down to all parts of life and helps with so many aspects of life that everyone should be practicing it on a regular basis. Yoga can be spiritual & enlightening, but in reality Yoga is whatever you want it to be!! 


Pilates focuses on alignment, breathing and a flow of movement that improves flexibility, co-ordination and balance. Originally designed by Joseph Pilates almost 100 years ago to rehabilitate injured WW1 soldiers and later, for strength & conditioning of dancers, Pilates is a great whole body workout.

After hearing so many positive things about Yoga from my friends I decided to give it a try & after only a few classes I was addicted!! I found that Yoga relaxed my mind & body, enabled me to focus on breathing correctly and improved my posture & strengthened my muscles all at the same time. Working at a desk all day, I didn’t realise how tight my back, neck & wrists were. I find Yoga really makes a difference for me. 

- Briannen -

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