Close your eyes and imagine someone who you believe is living a great life.  Who do you see?  What do you see?

Is the person rich?  Does the person have a vibrant family life?  Maybe they are an adventurer who constantly seeks new challenges to conquer.

While all these qualities are great, you must ask yourself, does success in one area of your life really mean that you are living a great life?

Many of us wrongly believe that success is defined by the increase accumulation of material wealth.  Owning big houses, nice clothes, and the latest gadgets is a sign of success.  This is amplified by the fact that advertisers & social media influences are often pushing their messages on us by showing us how happy they (or others) are when they buy, use, and flash a product.

Today we dig into seven (7) different areas of your life that are important to living your best life possible. We will take a detailed look at each area and I will also provide suggestions on how you can improve each of them.

The Seven (7) Pillars to Living a Great Life

1.       Your Mindset

Your mind is your most powerful asset.  It can either strengthen or weaken you. If you are mentally strong, confident and energetic, there is no telling what you can accomplish in life.

Here are some things you want to ask yourself in order to see how good your current mindset is.

  • What is the current quality of your thoughts – positive, negative or a mixture of both?
  • Do you believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to or do you listen to the naysayers?
  • How do you view failure – bounce back quickly or too scared to try anything?
  • Are you pursuing personal growth & learning new skills and information?
  • How peaceful is your mind during turbulent times or do you play it over & over?
  • What are your values and beliefs?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Are you willing to stand up for your rights when you get challenged?

2.   Your Health

You won’t realise how lucky you are to be healthy until disease and illness takes hold of your life.  Every day, I see more & more people sitting all day long with little to no exercise. Over the years, I see these individuals slowly deteriorating, mentally and physically. We humans are meant to be physically active.

Equally important is the food you eat, the amount of water you drink and the amount of sleep you get every night.  This all adds up to your health.

Why is it important to stay healthy?

  • You have more energy throughout the day
  • You feel happier and have a better outlook on life
  • Your mind is able to focus directly on accomplishing your life goal

3. Your Family & Friends

Having a healthy family relationship is a must to living a great life.  There is no greater satisfaction than coming home to a loving home and spending quality time with those you love the most.  Make your family a priority because careers, friends and money all come and go, but your family will always be your family.

One of my favourite articles is a study completed by a nurse who was treating patients in a palliative care unit. These patients were asked: “What are your 5 biggest regrets in life?”  One of the most common answers was losing touch with their friends.

True friends lift your spirits and support you through thick and thin.  True friendships are ones not defined by distance or time. Your friend could move tomorrow and you may not see them again for years, but when you do, its like nothing has changed.

It is also important to note that you should also actively seek to spend more time with people who you admire or inspire you. On the flip side, you should think about spending less time with people who are negative and drain your energy levels.

4.       Your Income Producing Activities (Work & Career)

You should ensure that whatever way you choose to earn “ money” allows you to showcase, build, and enhance your skills and talents.  Your work / career should be the canvas for your masterpiece!  If you do not enjoy your work / career then you are wasting your most precious and limited resource – time.

One last point, your engagement levels at work is directly correlated to the talents you have and the way you actually use them.  If you don’t feel like your current work / career is challenging enough and/or allows you to use & enhance your talents, its time to find a new canvas for your masterpiece!!

5.       Your Material Wealth

Based on my blog introduction, you might think that I am against material wealth, but in truth I am not.  I am against using material wealth as a way to measure one’s success in life.

Having money makes it easier for you to craft the life of your dreams.  It also provides you with a sense of security and gives you the opportunity to indulge in the finer things in life.

Just don’t let material wealth define who you are.  Many people become defined by what they own, the money they have, or the job title on their business card.  Money does not buy happiness or fulfillment in life.

One last point, no matter how much you earn, have saved or have accumulated in assets you MUST commit a percentage of it every year to those that are not so fortunate in life!! Now I’m not going to mention a percentage or $ value but start with something you feel comfortable in giving and then increase it by 10% every year. Trust me you won’t miss it and the joy you will experience in helping out another human is priceless.

6.       Have More Fun in Your Life

Life is an adventure and should be lived as one.

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was play, discover and use your imagination? It’s hard to remember these times because as we grow into adults we are told to take things seriously.

But what good is living life that is repetitive and mundane?  We only have one chance to live so we might as well enjoy living it … Rediscover that inner child again!!

7.       Your Legacy

Making a difference in the world will bring tremendous joy to you … Work out how you can make the world a better place and start. Dream big and make it significant! Live a life so that when you leave this Earth, you left it better than you entered it!

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