Yoga for Spring detox … Who would have thought??

Spring is the most wonderful time of year, it’s not too hot and the chill of winter disappears. Words like fresh, new and clean come to mind when talking of spring. Just as it’s a time of year we seem to want to rid our cupboards of unwanted old clothes and items, we also should be doing the same for our bodies. Over winter we tend to eat heavier bigger meals and are less likely to be as physically active so a good detox yoga practice will help eliminate a lot of built up toxic waste.

As it turns out, the twisting poses we practice in Yoga do much more than tone those abdominal muscles. Twists massage the abdominal organs, helping to facilitate the elimination process of toxins and waste. If we can build a strong immune system, which 80% comes from our gut ,we are more than 3/4 ‘s of the way there.

Twists also help us to focus mentally. When we are focused, we let our minds quieten and then we can let stress go. It is a known fact that stress is closely associated with your digestive system, this is why we often get stomachaches when we are stressed out and nervous.

The best part about having an improved digestive system is that it gives us more energy, getting us ready for those beautiful long summer days ahead!

Inversions such as plough and shoulder stand help massage the thyroid glands and drain the lymphatic system of toxins. The Thyroid is responsible for stimulating the metabolism which is your furnace for burning fuel.

So it’s time to move out of Winter and jump into Spring …

If you want to clean out your body this Spring, give this Yoga Sequence a go to help you detox!

  • Begin with a few Cat/Cow postures to get your blood flowing and fire up your digestive system.
  • Lengthen the Spine (It stimulates digestion)
  • Downward facing dog
  • Crescent Lunge
  • Seated forward fold
  • Dolphin Pose
  • Compress and twist … Wring out the toxins of the cells and abdominal organs just like you would a dishcloth. This creates healthier cells and aids the body in elimination.
  • Standing Forward Bend
  • Child’s pose – arms moving from left to right
  • Rabbit
  • Lunge (prayer) twist
  • Easy Chair Twist
  • Lord of the Fishes
  • Cross legged seated twisted – catch inside thigh
  • Practice inversions (flip your body upside down). Inversions help to drain accumulated lymph fluid from the legs and re-circulate it through the body. This is a huge benefit the immune system.
  • Supported Shoulder Stand
  • Plow Pose
  • Supported Shoulder Stand
  • Supported Headstand or Legs up the Wall Pose
  • End in Savasana … Ahhhhh!

That will certainly get things moving!!

If you would like more information on how Yoga can help you live a healthier & more joyful life, head on over to my Yoga & Pilates Website (Pure Yoga) for more information.