About Us

Hello, we are Leesa & Brett Thornthwaite and since 2001 we have owned & operated a yoga / pilates / personal training studio at Peakhurst Heights NSW Australia called “Pure Yoga”.

During this time our studio has helped thousands of people improve their life and general wellbeing through Yoga & Pilates, Meditation, Movement, Self Care Practices, the right Nourishment, Wellness Retreats, Workshops & Education and Essential Oils.

Throughout the 20+ years, Leesa has seen the amazing improvement people experience in their general wellbeing when they concentrate & master the “4 PILLARS” (Mindfulness, Movement, Nourishment & Environment). And, it is these sorts of life changing improvements that we are trying to bring to the wider community.

I hope you will join us on this journey to live the life you truly want & deserve.

“Life is not about the destination but the journey that takes us there”

Leesa Thornthwaite

After started her career as a high school teacher & becoming disillusioned by the school system, but still loving the art of teaching became an adult education trainer, she quickly rose through corporate ladder to Training Manager & eventually CEO of a Retail Training Company.

The corporate world took its toll, managing stress became a high priority, and it was yoga that helped her through theses challenging times. After taking a break from the retail sector, she entered the Health & Fitness Industry in another senior management role with just as much stress & the need for even more yoga. That was the icing on the cake – no more!! It was time to stop the merry go round and reassess values & goals.

Leesa’s love for exercise & yoga lead her to train as a fitness instructor & over the next 10 years she continued her yoga and pilates practice and completed a number of teacher training programs until it was time to go it alone.

She opened the Pure Yoga Studio in February 2001 & has never looked back it was time to share with others what had kept her sane all those years .

Now with over 20 years of yoga, pilates & meditation practice there is never a day that she does not feel grateful for the journey she has travelled, and wants to share her knowledge with a wider audience through her Healthy Mind & Body Community.

Brett Thornthwaite

Growing up there was only 1 thing Brett wanted to be ­… a professional soccer player. Unfortunately sometimes dreams don’t turn out the way they should and instead of playing soccer in the UK First Division, Brett had to settle for working during the day, training at night and playing in the semi­ professional National & State Leagues of Australia.

Having entered the field of General Insurance in 1984, Brett moved his way through various underwriting & broking roles until he acquired a share of Waratah Insurance Brokers in 1992. Over the years the business grew, staff & owners came & went and Brett decided to sell Waratah in March 2015.

Again, things didn’t quite turn out as originally planned & Brett left the insurance industry in February 2018 to help Leesa with the smooth running of her Health & Wellness business.

Brett brings a wealth of knowledge through his past sporting participation, coaching experiences, thirst for health & wellness solutions & business acumen. 

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