What I love most about my students is that they are all so very different they are a diverse and eclectic group that come all together to practice what they love, because it serves them well. Here are 8 ways to tell you are really into your Yoga

So if you relate to more than half of these “Tell Tale Truths” of a dedicated Yogi then you can be counted as ONE and considered really into Yoga!!

  1. You own more than one Mat – maybe so you can practice on the coloured one that takes your fancy on any given day. Or if you are like me I have my home yoga mat, my studio mat and my travelling mat, that I think is better travelled than most people !!!
  2. You start to see yoga poses in some very strange places !!! – Thank you to all my students who send me these little “funnies” I do laugh out loud over them, I’m not sure if you are telling me something though??
  3. You start doing poses is strange places??? Airport lounges, in the plane galley, in the supermarket queue, waiting for the train or bus……..
  4. You No longer find yourself daydreaming it’s now called Meditating – this is me first thing in the morning as I sit in bed staring at the artwork in front of me and Brett asking me what’s wrong !
  5. You find yourself posting Yoga related affirmations like:
    • Today I choose to be calm
    • A day without yoga is like a sundae without sprinkles
    • Yoga …
      • Adds years to your life and life to your years
      • Is 99% practice and 1% theory
      • Is not about self improvement its about self acceptance
  6. Instead of saying thank you, you now say Namaste – or if you are like me you will put your hands in prayer and bow in acknowledgment to someone you are grateful for.
  7. You wear Mala beads now to replace your expensive jewellery – Kerry our yoga teacher has made some beautiful malas that are in the studio for sale. I put my mala on each morning before leaving the bedroom as part of my morning ritual.
  8. Yoga is your exercise of choice – you find yourself never compromising your yoga practice for me it’s a non negotiable , the wheels could fall of the bus and I will still do some yoga each day.

Live with integrity,
Love what you do,
Laugh more often,
Listen to your heart.

Leesa XXX