21 Day Wellness Challenge

21 day wellness challenge


Hi, I’m Leesa Thornthwaite and I would like to personally invite you to join me on my 21 Day Wellness Challenge … This challenge was originally carried out for my Online Yoga Community to kick start 2021, however it is absolutely perfect to do at the start of a new year, new season, new month or anytime you need a bit of a shake up!!
It will give you a chance to reboot your Health & Wellness activities & routine – allowing you to become a better & improved version of YOU!! 
We all need a bit of a “shake up” now & then; to get back on the road that we all know we should be on … But somehow along the way we get a little distracted & take a few detours!! Whether that is by eating the wrong type of food, not moving (or exercising) enough, adding too much stress to our system, working long hours or just finding it tough to deal with life’s daily challenges!!
If that sounds like YOU, then this 21 Day Wellness Challenge is what YOU NEED!! 

I loved the sense of accountability to report back to the group, the sense of community forged in the group, people’s openness to share their experiences and ideas. Most of all, I appreciated the opportunity to kick off a new year in a optimum way, focusing on simple strategies I can incorporate to support my health and well-being on a daily basis.


How Does It Work + Cost?

  • Every day for 21 days you will be asked to set an intention, an affirmation & complete some kind of movement. These are what I call “non negotiable”.
  • Also each day you will be emailed 1 extra challenge. This will vary for each day & will also contain relevant content about the challenge and any resources to help easily complete the challenge.
  • You get the first 7 days of the challenge for FREE. If you want to continue for days 8-21, it will cost $14 (that’s ONLY $1 per day) & a payment link will be provided  prior to day 7 for you to action to stay in the challenge.
  • Throughout the day you will be expected to complete the days challenges.

How Do I Join?

When you do a 21 Day Challenge, the task becomes much more manageable. 21 days is just 3 weeks — much shorter than the a month, a year or a lifetime.

It’s easy to channel your efforts and make something happen for just 21 days … So give it a go!!

Simple fill in & submit the form below and your 21 Day Challenge will begin … And remember, you get the first 7 days for FREE … So what do you have to lose!!

If you do have any questions, please feel free to email me @ leesa@healthymindandbody.com.au

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